Hi I'm new to here so please excuse me if this has come up before!
I'm looking to buy a Mk1 cabriolet as a 2nd car and one has come up locally. It's an E reg clipper 1.8 carb. auto with really original paintwork and interior, and not messed around with which appeals to me. It's on 72k miles and is on for 2300 BUT it's cat c registered due to a very minor bump on the rear panel which has been repaired by the owner.
The question is, does this seem to be too high a price considering it's now cat c and if so, what's a realistic price?
How does the auto box drive and how's it for reliability?
How does the 'standard' cabriolet compare to the GTI version, trim, suspension, running gear etc?
The hood has a couple of minor tears, how easy and expensive is a DIY replacement?
I had a Mk1 GTI 20+ years ago which I loved to bits so I am familiar with the cars. I'm not after loads of speed, I drive a mk5 R32 so just after something a little different for the summertime.
Many thanks