A new comer looking for some advice please

Afternoon good people.

please do excuse some very novis questions I may ask as I am new to the vw scene, have owned Vauxhall all my life (please don't shoot me)

The Mrs is wanting a golf as her next car after having them through work when working away so I'm looking for some advise on common problems, things to look out for and what to stay away from!

We we have been looking at 1.4 GT TSi 160hp 2010/11 golfs which come in around 9k on autotrader anyway. I did a search and something that popped up was that they suffer from piston Issues? Is this right or was it relating to something totally different???
Pother than that, anything else to look out for in them??

Something we have noticed is that if we go for say an 08 plate golf so the previous shape car then the price is almost halved for a car that's only two years older with similar power etc, I know the spec levels ain't quite as good but it seemed a big price drop. Is there a stand out reason for this or is the newer model just far superior to the older versions?

thank you for any advice you can give