Evening all,

I am trying to help a friend here if I can; he has a 2007 Cayenne which he purchased second hand from a Vauxhall dealer, and he has had some problems with it which led to it being back to the dealer for some work. The most recent work was to the prop-shaft (joint or bearing replacement) and since the car was returned none of the steering wheel controls seem to work. Fuses have been checked, and the Vauxhall dealer has had it for a few days and are unable to find out what the problem is -- personally, I think they are miles out of their depth, and are faffing about with the car without the correct diagnostics.

It looks destined to go to a Porsche dealer next week, however we have access to VCDS over the weekend and wondered if it was worth trying it for a code read to see if we turn anything up? The car is otherwise spot on, drives fine and all the electronics seem to be just fine - it is just the tiptronic and audio controls on the steering wheel that aren't working (we believe that the battery was off it for a few days while they diagnosed the prop-shaft fault, ordered and obtained the part and then fitted it, if this is any sort of clue?)

Anything else we should check?