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    Hello, I have put down a deposit on a A3 2008 (58) S tronic 1.4T FSI with 37k mile on the clock. Due to pick up on Sunday from a private seller - only owner. In one sense I am very excited to be buying this car as I have already wanted an Audi however I am also rather apprehensive. This is partly because the service history is partially incomplete - will be booking it in for a full service at my local Audi garage as soon as I take delivery!
    As the service history is not complete; given the number of reports of engine damage caused by failed timing chain tensioners and failed mechantronics units on the gearbox, I have decided to buy a after market 12 month warranty for peace of mind!!
    This will be purchased from Audi or Warrantywise.

    Both policies covers the gearbox, however one states that there is an exclusion for "SMG and DSG hydraulic actuator internal oil cooler or radiator". What I would like to know is whether the DSG hydraulic actuator is effectively the mechantronics unit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon Grech View Post
    What I would like to know is whether the DSG hydraulic actuator is effectively the mechantronics unit.
    Yes it is.

    I've been through the same thought process and aftermarket warranty research as yourself and Warrantywise do not cover the mechatronics unit. After they have your details, they hound you as well.
    Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't believe that you can purchase an Audi warranty if you buy the car privately.

    I've had experience with my previous A3 and aftermarket warranties. I had an RAC Warranty which is underwritten by someone else and they never paid out for anything (I had an expensive headlight switch fail that was not covered and for wheel bearings and coil springs they made the excuse that it was wear and tear). As it was bought through a car dealer they made a nice commission on it and I had the privilege of being charged 500 for 3 years of worthless cover. All that time I had to always get it serviced at a VAT registered garage to uphold the warranty rather than allowing my friend to do it a lot cheaper - so this also cost me.
    Consequently, when I bought my next A3, I approached my aftermarket warranty research with caution and you can google each warranty company and read the horror stories of them more often than not (and apparently it is becoming almost always) sending out an assessor, only for the assessor to report back and your claim be refused. All this time your car is stuck at the garage for days (and the garage has to find the forecourt space) whilst this process goes on - this is far from ideal! Putting that aside, the only aftermarket warranty company that I was quite satisfied with (policy wise) was Warranty Direct and I have an email conversation from 2013 confirming that the mechatronic unit is covered by themselves along with a number of other things. I'm happy to forward the email conversation to you if you PM me your email address. Make sure you refuse the online quote and wait for their call in a few days time - you'll be quoted much cheaper.
    In the end I decided against purchasing the policy and saving my money. This was because I was buying the car from a reputable car dealer so I decided to rely on my statutory rights of 3 months "warranty" to resolve any issues that I had, by which time I would have had the DSG serviced and done a few thousand miles on it. Besides, as time goes on and the car gets older, with the majority of these policies you have to contribute more to the cost of repairs (unless it is possible to, and you specifically ask, to offset this with a small fee at the time of taking out the policy) so it all becomes a toss up.

    I hope this helps.
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