Hi, i have the famouse qestion on how to bleed the diesel system on Audi C5, 2.5 tdi quattro 1998. I can get it started in the morning by using startgas/Brake cleaner but that is though for the pump. When i finnaly get it started there is no problem to restart it until i have left it alone for 6 hours. i have changed all of the fuel lines after the diesel filter so that should be a problem, everytime i park the car now i have to clamp of both return and the inline to the dieselpump. im clamping it off after the dieselfilter. Then the Diesel stays in the lines and the car will start up, (not eveytime) for 5 sec and the to die out. Here we go with the brake cleaner again.

Anyone got any good solution, ive heard about the "Elsawin" but cant find it anywhere. anyone got a copy/screenshot on how to do the bleeding?

I have had over 40 cars and this is the only car i cant get up running.

my email is: carsmart@gmail.com if someone will send me the answer "offline" Thanx to you all, great forum by the way.

Have a nice day everyone, i have to go out and smell at some more breakcleaner. (maybe i can settle down, hehe)