Hi All,

Just joined the forum so I apologise in advance if I make any mistakes with terminology as complete novice when it comes to cars.
Basically, I own a VW Passat 2.0 Litre Y Reg and unfortunately, I recently had a small minor accident late at night whereby my front wheel hit the concrete edge of a traffic island in the middle of the road.

Thankfully no loss of life but my Driverís side seat airbag somehow got activated and slightly deployed during the impact to the front wheel.

However, it was not fully deployed as the airbag is still located inside the seat area but I have a large rip now down one side of the Driverís seat and my instrument panel is now showing airbag deployed with error message on dashboard.

FYI Ė I live in the Heathrow Area in the county of Middlesex.

Can someone please help and advise me how best to address this matter as I have only recently purchased this vehicle about 6 months ago so not yet had the chance to look for a suitable VW Garage/ Mechanic that is either local to me or not too far away as willing to travel.

Any help and advice would be very greatly appreciated.