2007 2.0TDI BRE Multitronic - Engine Shake/Judder on Hot Start

Hi, I'm new to this forum and i was wondering if anybody has had the problem with the Hot start issue, I have an Audi A4 2.0TDi 16v Multitronic, Engine code BRE, S-line now for three years and soon after i purchased it, it started to develop this problem only on Warm start, I spoke to my local garage ( who i trust completely) he's first thoughts were DMF, but said if i could live with it do so, unless anytime soon i needed a new clutch, three years on, I 'm looking to sell it on, but it still has the same problem, it still has the same battery from new, and has been service regularly with a new Cam belt and tensoners at 78,000 miles the car has now cover 92,000 miles. The only other problem with the car was a new EGR valve which was replace 18 months ago, please any suggestions before i spend good money on the DMF replacement.