Hi folks,

My car has developed an issue with the gearbox - I believe its a ZF 6HP19A. When cold, the car drives perfectly, however after a couple of miles or once warm, there is a judder between 3>4 gears, 4>5 and 5>6 gears. It only does it between 1600>1800 RPM, if I keep the revs higher than that (e.g. in "S"), then it drives fine.

I have scanned it for faults and there are none reported on VCDS.

I booked the car in with the Audi dealership here for diagnostics and they have advised "Gearbox oil change to be carried out + software update of gearbox control unit, reference TPI 2007190/13."

Has anyone else experienced this issue and did the fluid change + software update cure it?
Also, are there any other sources for buying the gearbox fluid or getting the software update other than Audi?
Last question - does anyone have a copy of the TPI they can share?

If I can get the Gearbox fluid, I'm tempted to give it a go myself to change it.