I had a big leak due to the dreaded washer pipes broken, and the left side was flooded withe a few cm of washer fluid.
Washer pipes have been replaced, and will take weeks to all dry out completely.
Problem I still have is that the MMI 2 G is still not working.
I have the Bose option, DVD Nav, BT phone module.
Initially completely dead, but now the Audi MMI system screen comes up for a few seconds and then goes black again.
-I checked all fuses, and they seem to be ok.
-got the amp out, and made an optical loop.
-tried reset.
- also got the BT phone ECU out from underneath the left passenger seat, which was very wet!
So looks like this is the problem.

But I took the BT ECU out and connected the optical cables in a loop too.
Unfortenately MMI is still not working.( only MMI Audi start up screen for a few seconds, then black screen)

Only thing I noticed is that the optical cable going to the BT ECU is flashing the red light, but the optical cable to the Bose amp in the left back is not showing the red light.
So I don't really know what to do/check now?

Can anybody help, or give me some advice please?

Thanks in advance!