Hello all
This is my first post in this forum.

I got a T4 2000 Caravelle (van) with VR6 engine. The problem is when I start up the engine for a while (without driving or on traffic) the idle would go up slightly to about 1000rpm steadily. Even, this is only about 300rpm different from normal idle speed but I can strongly notice the idle speed increasing. This symptom would go away when I turn off the engine and re-start it but shortly after that, the idle speed will rev up to 1000rpm again.

I took it to a VW mechanic and used their VAG-COM to check then the fault code showed some words about the idle speed so I replaced the THROTTLE BODY and all basic settings have been done but this didn't solve the problem. It has cleared the fault code on the idle speed.

These are things I have been done so far.
1. Replaced the alternator.
2. Replaced all water sensors and one 4legs sensor next to it.
3. Replaced with a new battery
4. Replaced a charcoal filter tank (or someone might call it a carbon canistor (down the wheel))
5. Replaced a charcoal Valve
6. Tested most of the vacuum system that might cause the problem such as blocking the air from the break booster, air-con, and charcoal electric valve.
7. Replaced the fuel pump as I heard a noisy pump sound like a fan blowing all the time. This made me notice when I put my hand down into the fuel tank that the fuel is extremely hot. That led me to the Chacole canistor issue and that's why I decided to change it.
8. Replaced Spark plugs.
9. Checked all possible leaking electricity in the cabin.
10. Checked and found that there was no number 109 relay on my van unlike VR6 on my golf Mk3
Please can anyone help me out with this??

Thank you very much.