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Thread: Audi Hold Assist retrofit

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    Hi all.
    Just a quick update for all looking at performing this retro fit.
    for the parts, as specified on David @ AudiEnthusiasts, highly recommend contacting Mickael at mshugaev-2008. Got everything I needed, terminals, cables etc., and therefore no need to splice cables.
    Also, for RHD Audi's anyway, would offer the following, by way of "lessons learnt"
    1. The existing hand brake switch was not held in by any screws, so just needed a good push to remove. Dont know if this is a revision or whehter they simply did not install when mine was build. COnsequently have just let the "clips" secure the new switch, as before. Wasted some time on this one....looking for screws that were simply not there.
    2. I'm running my cables to the Fuse Block on the passenger side (as the ABS unit is on this side so figure it'll be tidier to run the cables when I complete the job.....waiting not for disc pad replacement when I'll take the wheel housing off and run the wires via that route. Fingers crossed!
    3. When trying to get the Black Fuse block off, struggled with this. Reason being it's tight up to a bulk head, and didnt appreciate for some time that the clip holding it in place is NOT on the bottom, but on the top of the block, which is hidden by the bulk head. Once I realised this, it did come off quite easily, blind/touch and feel so to speak. HOWEVER,
    4. Had to remove the Glove Box as could not get access to the rear of the block with it in place. This came away really easily, held in situ by 6 bold, 3 inside and external 2 bottom and 1 side (in the fuse area. Once dropped, then came the next issue/challenge - as up to know it was all "new".
    5. Had to take a spur off an existing live feed, which, when you look at the rear, are all on the left. I bottled it at this point and took the vehicle an auto electrician, who kindly did the spur & soldering into one of the (many) available free slots. Thanks Auto Electric Jersey (Channel Islands). That took the chap a few minutes and job done.
    6. Connected the new wire from the new switch, and for the time being put the car back together, as I said previously, now waiting for the service when will complete the install.

    Hope this is of use to any other keen DIY'er

    Tried contacting David at Audienthusiasts but he's removed his contact screen to if anyone can forward this into onto hi, which might end up on his web page in due course, that would be great.

    All the best & thanks
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    I thought I would mention I have completed this retrofit and all works as it should except on earlier vehicles MY2013 A5, when you remove your foot from the brake pedal the engine starts (start/stop deactivated) because the monitoring of start/stop is via the brake pedal not the throttle pedal - disappointing really!
    Audi A5 3.0TDI 245 Black Edition S-Line Quattro Sportback 7sp Tiptronic
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