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Thread: VW Audi Forum - Additional Rules - Site Sponsors, Advertisers and Traders

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  1. VW Audi Forum - Additional Rules - Site Sponsors, Advertisers and Traders 
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    Site Sponsors and Advertisers Terms and Conditions

    As a Sponsor of the site, there are some additional “Terms & Conditions” that we expect ALL Companies to abide too, and as such you agree to do so when you join the site.

    These are all common sense items that help protect you, as a Company, other Sponsors, and the Members.

    Items in BOLD are most important!

    1. If you purchase advertising on VWAudi Forum you may only use your banners to advertise your own company as stated upon purchasing. You may not add banners to other sites or sell to second parties. We will not allow the promotion or advertising of any Website or Forum that is in direct competition with VWAudi Forum, such as other enthusiast sites.

    Any form of "TEXT" based links that are considered as SEO links (Search engine optimisation) will be removed - The site is not here to help you improve your search rankings! - You agreed to join to help Members and provide a service that benefits Members. We will not make any changes to how the site is managed, or change any of the software or setting on the site just so it will benefit or help a company with there search engine ranking.

    2. All banners must be the standard 470 x 70 pixel size. In “jpg” or “gif” format. Either can be animated or static.

    3. Banners may be in “gif” or” jpeg” format. For compatibility reasons we are not permitting flash format

    4. You may change your banner at any time, but this may take a few days to be changed, so please be patient.

    5. VWAudi Forum reserves the right to remove any banner that we feel is unsuitable. We do not want any banners on the site which attempt to use nudity to sell a product. Any banners with broken links to sites or images will be removed.

    6. You are purchasing a service. Refunding of payment is not possible after a “cooling off” period 14 days from payment. Refunds will only be made after this period if we terminate the partnership for reason described in section 8 below.

    7. Minimum period of engagement is 12 months for paid services.

    8. We reserve the right to terminate any Company that fails to provide a professional service to our members. This includes, but is not limited to, abuse to staff or members, fraud, illegal dealings, misleading information, complaints from members about services provided. If we feel that we must terminate the partnership, we will give 30 day’s notice, and the reason behind this decision. We will issue a refund for the advertising fee; “pro rata” i.e. refund FULL months remaining in the 12 month period.

    9. We reserve the right to amend these rules at anytime without prior notification.

    10. You agree not to get involved in public arguments between Companies advertising on the site.

    11. Whilst you are paying to use the site as a media to promote your business to a target source, we do have just two rules regarding your promotion.(1): Please DO NOT spam the site. By this we mean do not make constant posts in every section with all the same content on a regular, day to day basis. (2): We do not approve of, or allow any Sponsor to contact members via Email or PM to advise them not to deal with a certain other Sponsor in order to get business from a competitor. This also applies to the forum, were any Sponsor agrees not to “bad mouth” any other Company on the site, or “hijack” any post made by a Sponsor whether a competitor or other business. Failure to abide by these rules will result in removal from the site, as per Rule 8 in these “Terms & Conditions”.

    12. DO NOT register with more than one username. The Username will be requested when you join, and added to the Sponsors user group. Any additional username that is not registered will be banned and all posts deleted.

    If you need more clarification on this, please let me know.

    Stuart & The Team
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    Stuart l VWAudi Forum
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    Member of Skoda Owners Club GB
    Automotive Parts Specialist - VAG Group Automotive Parts Specialist

    - Email: -

    If you need a Part, a Garage, a Tuning Company, or even an Official Dealer the please visit
    our Supporting Companies They are all there to help by offering advice and products or services..."You support them - They Support us"

    Details of the VW Audi Forum Insurance Scheme, See Here

    Please Note: PLEASE DO NOT Email or PM me with any vehicle related technical questions. I am not qualified to give that sort of advice, please ask the experts we have on the forum.

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