My car is an A6 1.9 TDI Final Edition 2005

My passenger side headlight has damp inside and the refector has corroded..

I saw a pair on ebay from a 2001 2.7 twin turbo petrol model which looked the same but after buying them on closer inspection they are slightly different..

On the set i have bought the shape and top fittings and outer shape look identical but the mouldings inside look slightly different..

I have both headlights so i could change both if they fit..

Just wondering if they are an improvment over the standard headlight as they are from a top of the range model and whether they will fit my car...

Just to repeat the top mountings are in an identical place than the ones on my car, but i cannot see what they are like below..

i have part numbers if this is of any help..

my car is 155 923 00

the donor part is 148 473 00

Thanks to anybody who can help..