I was playing with my Audi A3's Symphony stereo. My speakers are deffinatley not Bose. But I have decided to change all of the speakers and settings asswell.
I have read on the internet that by connecting through OBD2 cable you can change the stereo from Standard-0 to Bose-1. So i did (know someone who has a scan tool) and the sound is good. When you turn on the radio it does say Bose for a sec.
Now my problem is the back speakers with Sub works fine and the sound is better than before but the front ones are gone all of them. The 13cm ones and the tweekers. Now i though that I have blown them or something went back to standard and they work fine. then back to Bose and they are gone again

Did i do something wrong or is there another setting to be set, Or maybe i need an amp or something for front speakers?

Any help would be great THANK