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Thread: Fault code help please

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  1. Fault code help please 
    G3off Guest
    My wife had her auto gearbox swapped by a local garage, I took it for a spin when she got home but noticed the steering wheel out of line with the ESP warning lit on dash. She took it back to garage for them to rectify, although they claimed they did not touch it, but they said that they could not set it (?) to zero!

    Initially I didn't scan the car but the ESP light is back on again and curiosity has got the better of me,

    Can someone shed some light on what is causing the sensor to fail please, H
    here is the scan.............

    VCDS Version: Release 10.6.4
    Data version: 20110418


    Chassis Type: 9C - VW New Beetle
    Scan: 01 02 03 08 15 17 19 22 25 26 29 35 37 39 46 54 56 65 75

    Mileage: 116980km/72688miles
    Address 01: Engine Labels: 06A-906-018-AQY.lbl
    Part No: 06A 906 018 FM
    Component: 2.0l R4/2V MOTR AT V04
    Coding: 00033
    Shop #: WSC 00066
    VCID: 72F6CC01143F
    1 Fault Found:
    16556 - Fuel Trim; Bank 1: System Too Rich
    P0172 - 35-00 - -
    Readiness: 0000 0000
    Address 02: Auto Trans Labels: 01M-927-733.lbl
    Part No: 01M 927 733 JQ
    Component: AG4 Getriebe 01M 4718
    Coding: 00000
    Shop #: WSC 00000
    VCID: 88020EE982A3
    No fault code found.
    Address 03: ABS Brakes Labels: 1C0-907-37x-ESP-F.lbl
    Part No: 1C0 907 379
    Component: ESP 20 CAN V005
    Coding: 18433
    Shop #: WSC 00066
    VCID: E7C02D55AFFD
    2 Faults Found:
    00778 - Steering Angle Sensor (G85)
    62-10 - No or Incorrect Adjustment - Intermittent
    00778 - Steering Angle Sensor (G85)
    04-10 - Mechanical Malfunction - Intermittent

    Address 15: Airbags Labels: 6Q0-909-605-VW5.lbl
    Part No: 6Q0 909 605 A
    Component: 1T AIRBAG VW5 0D 0004
    Coding: 12628
    Shop #: WSC 00066
    VCID: 357C371D25D1
    No fault code found.
    Address 17: Instruments Labels: None
    Part No: 1C0 920 900
    Component: KOMBI+WEGFAHRS. M73 V07
    Coding: 01442
    Shop #: WSC 00000
    VCID: D8A21EA91283
    Part No: Ident
    Component: Nr. Wegfahrs.:VWZ5Z0Y7305062
    Ident.-Nr. Wegfahrs.:VWZ5Z0Y7305062
    No fault code found.
    Address 19: CAN Gateway Labels: 6N0-909-901-19.lbl
    Part No: 6N0 909 901
    Component: Gateway K<->CAN V072
    Coding: 00007
    Shop #: WSC 00066
    VCID: F0F246099A33
    No fault code found.
    Address 46: Central Conv. Labels: 1J0-959-799.lbl
    Part No: 1J0 959 799 AH
    Component: 6P Zentral-SG Komf. 0001
    Coding: 00256
    Shop #: WSC 00066
    VCID: 841A1AD9BE8B
    Part No: 1J1959801C
    Component: 6P Tőrsteuerger. FS0002r
    Part No: 1J1959802D
    Component: 6P Tőrsteuerger. BF0002r
    3 Faults Found:
    00955 - Key 1
    09-10 - Adaptation Limit Surpassed - Intermittent
    00943 - Heated Exterior Mirror; Driver Side (Z4)
    35-00 - -
    00944 - Heated Exterior Mirror; Passenger Side (Z5)
    35-00 - -
    Address 56: Radio Labels: 1J0-035-18x-56.lbl
    Part No: 1C0 035 186
    Component: Radio BNO 0004
    Coding: 00401
    Shop #: WSC 00066
    VCID: DBA801A563B5
    1 Fault Found:
    00852 - Loudspeaker(s); Front
    36-10 - Open Circuit - Intermittent
    End ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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    They shouldn't have needed to loosen the engine cradle/sub-frame to get that 01M unit out, but if the wheel isn't straight they may have removed and relocated the ball joints on the control arms. Either way it sounds like the front end alignment needs corrected.

    Are the live readings from the G85 sensor reasonable?

    Check MVB 004.1 and turn the wheel to full lock right and observe the reading, turn to full lock left and see if that's nearly identical. Finally, leave it at 0.0 and try the complete calibration with login entered.
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