Hi everyone,

I would really appreciate it it anyone could help me out.
Basically last night the van started going intermittently in and out of limp mode in 3rd, 4th and 5th on the motorway after having to floor it a bit at an awkward series of roads. Anyways I took it easy and every now and again would do this strange juddering only for a second or so when the revs were constant at about 2000-2250rpm. Anyways I got where I needed to go, accelerated down a road and at 65mph in 4th, lost all power and the same speed in 5th. I let off to go around a roundabout and accelerated up to speed again when it lost power (limp mode again i think) at 65mph in 4th, then decelerated in 5th to 60mph before completely losing power and the engine just shut down. I was then stuck without the van starting, (I didnt try to turn it over for more than 5 seconds). I was then towed home and this morning turned the van over until it finally started but I cannot hear the turbo at all and it does not spool down after turning the van off. It also will not free rev past 3000rpm and turbo will not spool up either.

Im guessing this is the turbo exhaust side being all caked in carbon and shiz causing those variable veins not to work properly and the ECU shutting off the turbo. I am about to clean out the exhaust side of the turbo today but is there anything else I should be doing? Should the ECU reset itself after this is all done and go back into normal mode?

Thanks a lot in advance everyone,