Hi there Guys, thought I would post up a project thread for my little fun summer project.

Back in the day, I used to roll about in the MK2 Golf GTi and the MK2 Scirocco. Did many a stupid think to them in my day but moved across to Jap as you can probably tell from my user name.

My current main project is a 1993 Toyota MR2 Turbo that started life as a N/A car. She is almost finished, including a full body kit and a 300BHP engine which I will use mainly for shows and runs with the Owners Club - a toy pretty much.

Now, I needed a daily driver and almost by accident I ended up with a 1990 MK2 Jetta GL 4+E that was rough around the edges. This was how she came to me and set me back a cool 300 with tax and MoT

First job was to strip off the paint on the bootlid to start the rusting process. This was supplemented with a few choice stickers

I then started on the matte black rattle can paint job.

Next job was to strip the paint from the bonnet for yet more rust and some choice vinyls to break it up. I also decided that orange was not a plastics colour I wanted, so proceeded to tint the lenses. I also managed to get a genuine VW roof rack for her.

Next job was to fit coilovers to her and slam her to the ground. I have also started refurbing a set of genuine 14" alloys with an unusual design. These aren't quite finished and I need to sort out tyres but we have one shot showing the new ride height and what I have done with the rims

So, this is how she stands at the moment. Need to finish refurbing the wheels and fitting new tyres to the rims as well as fitting a "Rat-Look" surf board to the roof. The biggest plans are going to be performance related. Looking at a VR6 engine conversion (fully blinged up) as well as uprated brakes etc.....

So, watch this space