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  1. Central Locking problem - Defective door locks 
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    Central locking problem.
    I have an Audi A6 Allroad 2.5 tdi,2001.I bought yhis car as a stollen recovered.There is a problem with the central locking.The problem is that the only door that opens with the door key, is the drivers door.The rest of the doors stay closed.Even with the drivers side open switch button pressed they still do not open.The keyfob also does not work,i have changed the batteries.When i Disconnect and connect the power supply to the central locking control module that sits inside the passenger footwell and switch on the ignition and then press the door open switch on the drivers side door,the doors open,but once i close the door from the outside wth the key in the door lock and then immediatley open the door,only the drivers door opens,the rest stays closed and wont open from the inside.
    i had a diagnostic bloke round,and his computer came up with the following codes:01374:Alarm triggered by terminal 15.
    Code:01559rivers door,59-00 can't unlock/60-00 won't save.
    When the guy cleard the codes from his pc,and then closed and opened the front door from the outside the fault codes came back
    Can someone advise me on what to do next?

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    Check all connectors inside the A and B pillars. There are two in each at the pillar end not the door.

    If all is well, remove the passenger kick panel and lift the carpet to see if all is dry and all the cable harnesses and connector to the CCM are free from corrosion.

    Regards Peter

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    The keyfob often needs reminding that it works after you've changed the batteries:

    Lock the car
    push the unlock button once
    manually unlock the car within 30 seconds
    Now the fob should work.

    If it still doesn't, then the keys might need recoding - there's plenty of threads on this section where Peter D has posted the instructions.

    Normally, turning the key / pushing the fob once will only unlock the driver's door. Turning the key/pushing fob a second time will unlock the rest of the doors. This is a security feature to stop a passer by from hijacking you as you get in (or it's just to annoy my wife)

    Regarding the fault codes, I second Peter's advice.
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  4. Re: Central Locking problem - Defective door locks 
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    Hi ti everyone.
    And thanks for all the replies.
    I've already checked the ccm box and there was some corrosion to the black power connector,and the yellow connector that runs the alarm.The passenger footwell was dry though.
    Tried all the means possible to try and manually code the keyfob to the car,but still the doors don't open with the key fob.
    Going back to the central locking problem.It seems that the alarm is permernantley on,thats why i think the doors won't open manually,but the car starts.
    Does anyone knoe a good auto electricion in the london area,preferably close E16 3ts, post code?I really need to get this car fixed!!!

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