I have recently bought an Audi A4 Avant B7 S-Line (2006) with Symphony II + Bose, to which I have added a Dension Gateway 100 iPOD adapter. Although it all works OK, I am disappointed with the sound quality. I have a god sound system in my house and even my eighteen year old old car had better sound than this. I'm guessing that it's not just the head unit that contributes to the disappointing sound - I think (at least some of) the Bose speakers are pretty ropey actually. Also, I'd ideally like DAB (which is going to replace FM anyway in due course).

I'm not interested in SatNav - so just a double DIN head unit plus better speakers (provided they will fit in the same holes as the Bose) would be what I'd need I think.

My question is, has anybody retrofitted a better quality sound system (preferably including DAB) to a Symphony II + Bose installation?