Hi All,
I've just bought a used A3 Sportsback (2006) and very nice it is too, it's got the Bose audio system with a Symphony stereo. The sound from the system is a real disappointment and i'm wondering whether i'm going mad or it really is supposed to sound this ....dull?
When you fade between front and back the front speakers almost disappear and there is hardly very little sound coming from the rear door speakers. This results in a really front heavy sound. Also, when changing the Eq or pan settings on the front there doesn't appear to be a huge difference between -5, 0 and +5. Certain albums are unlistenable because the sub-woofer ruins everything, even at -5.
I took it back to the dealer i bought it from and they seemed to think everything is working fine - so how come my old car stereo ( a 2002 Seat Toledo standard install) sounded way better than this ? Is there a common fault with these ? Are the speakers in the rear driven separately ? I did try turning the stereo on holding down 'Preset 5' to access the hidden EQ settings, but nothing happens. And i'm not sure where the sub-woofer lives, as there is nothing in the boot.
Your thoughts, as ever, appreciated,