Hi All,

I have just had new front brake pads fitted by my local (non-Audi) garage, I've used them quite a few times and them seem OK. This was last week and I noticed on Sunday when I was driving over cobbles with the window down that there is a loud rattling noise coming from the front end.

I called the garage and it was back in there on Thursday and they said the pads have not worn into the disks yet and I need to drive the car for a couple of weeks and to brake harder. I asked them what was actually rattling and he said that it was the brake pad rattling in the caliper (I think he said the caliper, can't remember exactly). To be honest this sounds a little dodgy, can't imagine why pads that are not 'bedded in' should rattle.

I mentioned this issue to a guy at work who tinkers with cars and he said that pad should NOT rattle and should no be loose in there, he said that if it was loose then the clips that hold the pads are worn and are not 'springy' enough. He said that if the disks are worn then they should have had them replaced too.

Not being mechanically minded I wanted to ask you guys what your take on this is, I think the people at the garage are not telling me everything. I am considering going to Kwik-fit this weekend and just asking them to have a look at my 'new rattle at the front end'.

Thanks a lot,