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  • Volkswagen Golf gains standard trim levels

    • Volkswagen’s most popular car has gained three trim levels
    • Match Edition, GT Edition and R-Line Edition all bring added value
    • Two-zone climate control, Winter Pack and LED headlights included

    The Volkswagen Golf is now available with three new trim levels: Match Edition, GT Edition and R-Line Edition, all benefiting from a suite of extra equipment over the outgoing trims on which they are based. These extra features represent a healthy dose of added value for the seventh-generation Golf, the UK’s second best-selling car.

    The three new trim levels replace the existing Match, GT and R-Line specs, and cost £400 more than the trims they replace. They build upon their predecessors’ already generous standard equipment, adding two-zone climate control, LED headlights and Winter Pack (including heated front seats) – optional extras worth £1,910 when equipped individually.

    These options enhance the comfort and visible qualities of the three Golf specs, with the added luxury of the two-zone climate control over manual air conditioning, while the heated front seats included in the winter pack provide further comfort. The winter pack also adds headlight washers, heated windscreen washer jets and a low washer-fluid warning light which, combined with LED headlights, optimise visibility at all times – especially during winter months when road grime can obscure a driver’s view.

    As per Volkswagen UK tradition, Edition trim levels are introduced as a product nears the end of its current generation. With the ground-breaking eighth-generation Golf nearing its global debut later this year, the Golf continues a 45-year run of popularity, with these latest trim levels only strengthening its appeal to value-conscious UK customers.

    Dale Piper, Golf Product Manager at Volkswagen UK, said: “The Edition trim trio further strengthens the Golf’s appeal with a generous package of added equipment, boosting value by over £1,500 when factoring in the small revision in price over the outgoing Match, GT and R-Line trims. The Golf already represents a compelling competitive value package, and the Edition trims only go to strengthen this.

    “Even though it was launched in 2012, the current, seventh-generation, Golf continues to win comparison tests against newer rivals, and remains our best-selling car by a comfortable margin.”

    The extra trims are added just a few weeks after the brand announced a price drop for the e-Golf of £2,765, adding yet more affordability to this already wallet-friendly EV, which boasts ultra-low running costs by virtue of its all-electric powertrain.

    Orders are now open for the enhanced Edition trims, with deliveries commencing in October. Customers who ordered one of the three outgoing trims after 16 September will be automatically upgraded to Match Edition, GT Edition or R-Line Edition.
    Match Edition
    Engine/gearbox Hatchback (RRP OTR) Estate (RRP OTR) SV (RRP OTR)
    1.0 115 PS TSI 6-spd man £22,135 £23,355 -
    1.5 130 PS EVO TSI 6-spd man £23,175 £24,375 £25,030
    1.5 150 PS EVO TSI 6-spd man £23,950 £25,150 -
    1.5 150 PS EVO TSI 7-spd DSG £25,365 £26,565 £27,355
    1.6 115 PS TDI 5-spd man £23,730 £24,930 £25,565
    2.0 150 PS TDI 6-spd man £25,170 £26,370 -
    2.0 150 PS TDI 7-spd DSG £26,585 £27,785 £28,380

    GT Edition
    Engine/gearbox Hatchback (RRP OTR) Estate(RRP OTR) SV (RRP OTR)
    1.5 130 PS EVO TSI 6-spd man £25,260 £26,460 £26,880
    1.5 150 PS EVO TSI 6-spd man £26,035 £27,235 -
    1.5 150 PS EVO TSI 7-spd DSG £27,450 £28,650 £29,205
    1.6 115 PS TDI 5-spd man £25,420 £26,620 £27,415
    2.0 150 PS TDI 6-spd man £26,820 £28,020 -
    2.0 150 PS TDI 7-spd DSG £28,235 £29,435 £30,230

    R-Line Edition
    Engine/gearbox Hatchback (RRP OTR)
    1.5 150 PS EVO TSI 6-spd man £27,030
    1.5 150 PS EVO TSI 7-spd DSG £28,445
    1.6 115 PS TDI 5-spd man £26,405
    2.0 150 PS TDI 6-spd man £27,815
    2.0 150 PS TDI 7-spd DSG £29,230
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    Check fuse 8 in the engine bay fuse board.

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    A quick look on Autotrader suggests that the trade would be retailing

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