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  • The new Tiguan Allspace - The European premiere

    Interior space well beyond the boundaries of the segment - new Tiguan Allspace offers up to seven seats

    1. New Tiguan Allspace closes the gap between compact Tiguan and premium class Touareg
    2. 215 mm longer exterior length and 109 mm longer wheelbase
    3. New Volkswagen SUV with the option of seven seats
    4. With 5 passengers on board, the luggage capacity increases by 145 litres to up to 760 litres*
    5. Maximum cargo volume is increased for the five-seater by 265 to 1,920 litres, thus reaching van format
    6. Extended standard equipment from Trendline upwards
    7. Striking design with custom front section and modified window line
    8. Discover Pro infotainment system offers gesture control for first time in the Tiguan
    9. Six engines from 110 kW / 150 PS to 176 kW / 240 PS
    10. DSG and 4MOTION from 132 kW / 180 PS as standard

    The Tiguan Allspace - the Volkswagen SUV with up to seven seats

    More space for life in motion.
    It is the most successful SUV "Made in Germany": the Tiguan. Half a million people opt for this all-round vehicle with front-wheel or all-wheel drive each year. The second generation of the SUV came onto the market in 2016. Now Volkswagen has come up with something even more: the new Tiguan Allspace - an independent variation of the best seller. A spacious family car with a 109 mm longer wheelbase and 215 mm additional exterior length. For more passengers, more luggage and even more versatility. The optional 5+2-seat Tiguan Allspace has its European premiere at the
    Geneva International Motor Show (9 to 19March). The new Volkswagen SUV fills the space between the familiar "classic" Tiguan and the upper-range SUV Touareg. Therefore, the Tiguan Allspace, boasting up to 760 litres* of luggage capacity, also appeals as a charismatic alternative to all those motorists
    and families that previously had to rely on a van because of the amountof space required. When the Tiguan Allspace is loaded to roof height up to the seatbacks of the first row, its storage capacity is an impressive 1,920 litres.

    Tiguan Allspace with balanced proportions.
    The Tiguan and the new Tiguan Allspace were developed at the same time. Accordingly, the two body versions consistently exhibit a confident stance on wheels sized at least 17 inches. Marco Pavone of the Volkswagen Design Team is responsible for the exterior
    of the Tiguan."We have designed the rear doors of the Tiguan Allspace to be longer. The bonnet was also raised up at the front above the radiator grille to adapt the proportions to the longer overall length,"says the exterior designer. Pavone goes on to say: "A very unique, formative line accentuates the side window design that rises behind the C-pillar."

    Tiguan Allspace similar to Atlas model in the USA.
    The bonnet and silhouette show deliberate parallels to another new Volkswagen SUV: the Atlas developed for the USA. At the front, there is also the newly designed radiator grille with its chrome trim strips,some of which extend into the headlights and suggest a visual bridge between the Tiguan Allspace and the Atlas. Particularly striking: the upper chrome strip that stretches across the entire front end. Tiguan Allspace vehicles are also all equipped with granite grey underbody protection as standard.

    Two front sections.
    Just like the "classic" Tiguan, the Tiguan Allspace is also available in on-road and off-road versions of the front section.The latter can be ordered with an optional "off-road package" together with special engine underbody protection that extends to the bumper for off-road driving. The off-road front section improves the vehicle’s approach angle by 7 degrees.

    Newly designed roof section.
    Tiguan Allspace vehicles are all equipped with roof rails as standard.The roof itself was also redesigned: striking structural lines are being used for the first time instead of a smooth roof surface - in homage to classic SUVs. They extend lengthwise along the roof from front to rear. If the Tiguan Allspace is equipped with the 870 x 1,364 mm panoramic sliding sunroof, the structural lines are of course only on the rear roof area.

    Extra features.
    Additional features of the new Tiguan Allspace include expanded standard features; highlighting its positioning between the classic Tiguan and the exclusive Touareg. Even in the Trendline base version there are additional features such as the above-outlined roof railings (in black), the Composition Colour Media System together with the Connectivity Package (phone and USB interfaces), a multifunction steering wheel, sophisticated trapezoidal trims integrated into the diffuser,and a variable cargo floor. The equipment lines Comfortline (including electrically operated tailgate, silver roof rails) and Highline (like Comfortline but including full-LED headlights and Keyless Access locking and starting system) make an even larger jump.In addition, the SUV series will launch with a new generation Infotainment system: the top-of-the-range Discover Pro system features - as a first in this class - gesture

    150 PS for the new entry-level model.
    The performance range of the Tiguan Allspace starts at 110 kW / 150 PS and reaches 176 kW / 240 PS (Tiguan with standard wheelbase: from 85 kW / 115 PS). Starting price in Germany: about €30,000. The first European countries begin to launch the new SUV in September, advanced sales already starting in May.

    Tiguan Allspace - more space for life in motion

    SUV space giant.
    The Tiguan Allspace offers more space than many other SUVs in its class. This is facilitated by its "long wheelbase" (LWB) as it is known internationally, as opposed to a "normal wheelbase" (NWB). It has been expanded from 2,681 to 2,790 mm. The total length of the Tiguan Allspace is 4,701 mm (gain of 215 mm).The difference between the increases in wheelbase and exterior length indicates that another dimension has changed: the rear overhang. That has increased by 106 mm. This, in turn, has improved luggage space immensely. In the five-seat Tiguan Allspace, this represents an increase of 145* litres (for luggage space details in the 5+2-seat Tiguan Allspace, see page 8). If the standard rear bench, longitudinally adjustable by 180 mm, is in its foremost position, the new SUV can take up to a formidable 760* litres, loaded to the upper edge of the seatbacks of the rear seats. So the Tiguan Allspace can manage transport tasks that many other SUVs simply cannot. A classic example: transporting four or five adults, including large suitcases to the airport. Even jobs that usually only vans can do are no problem for the Tiguan Allspace: folding down the second row of seats using the standard remote unlatching function from the luggage area (or directly on the backrests) opens up a cargo space length of 1,921 mm with up to 1,920 litres of storage capacity. (gain of 265 litres).

    As much space in the back as in a large touring saloon.
    Cargo and passenger compartment space benefit equally from the new wheelbase and extended rear section. Thanks to the larger wheelbase, passengers in the second row can enjoy 54 mm of additional knee room. The rear seating area is essentially just as comfortable as in a large touring saloon.

    5+2 seater.
    Any parent who has to transport half a football team of juniors on a regular basis will also be delighted with the optional third row of seats. This turns the Tiguan Allspace into a 5+2-seater. Even in this 5+2 seat configuration, there is sufficient space for the team's sport bags (230 litres to height of backrests). When not in use, the third row of seats can be folded down and integrated in the cargo floor.Then, the cargo capacity in creases to 700 litres (to height of second row backrests). The maximum storage capacity of the Tiguan with its seven seats - loaded to roof height and to the first row backrests - is 1,775 litres.

    Powerful range of drive systems - six engines from 110 kW / 150 PS

    Along the same lines as the classic Tiguan, the new Tiguan Allspace is also launching with front-wheel and all-wheel drive. The front-wheel drive versions of the SUV can manage large trailer loads of up to 2,200 kg (braked on 8% incline) depending on the engine version; in the all-wheel drive, this increases to 2,500 kg. Volkswagen is also offering a swivelling tow-bar as an option, which can be electrically unlatched and put into position within seconds. In keeping with the exclusive positioning of the Tiguan Allspace,the range of Euro-6 petrol (TSI) and Euro-6 diesel engines (TDI) begins one step higher than in the NWB Tiguanfor both petrol and diesel engines. Six high-torque TSI and TDI engines will be offered. The three turbocharged petrol engines develop 110 kW / 150 PS, 132 kW / 180 PSand 162 kW / 220 PS. The three turbo charged diesel engines will be available with output levels of 110 kW/ 150 PS, 140 kW / 190 PS and 176 kW / 240 PS.All TDI engines are equipped with an SCR catalytic converter and a twelve-litre AdBlue tank to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions to a minimum.

    High-tech efficiency.
    All Tiguan Allspace engines are turbocharged four- cylinder direct-injection engines. Two examples show how efficient these engines are in the large SUV: the permanent front-wheel drive Tiguan Allspace 1.4 TSI with 150 PS and Active Cylinder Management (ACT) is frugal with a combined fuel consumption of 6.0 l / 100 km/h** (equivalent to 135 g / km CO2). Even the four-wheel drive Tiguan Allspace 2.0 TDI 4MOTION with 150 PS consumes just 6.9 l / 100 km** (157 g / km CO2).

    4MOTION and DSG are standard from 132 kW.
    4MOTION all-wheel drive including 4MOTION Active Control with driving profile selector is available as an option in the 150-PSTDI version of the new Volkswagen SUV. All other Tiguan Allspace models (from 132 kW / 180 PS in the TSI and from 140 kW / 190 PS in the TDI) have all-wheel drive as standard. The same applies to the automated dual clutch gearbox (DSG).

    4MOTION Active Control.
    A specialfeature of all versions of the all-wheeldrive Tiguan Allspace is 4MOTION Active Control with driving profile selector.The system is operated via an intuitive multifunction switch on the centre console.The driver uses it to activate four higher-level modes and various popup menus. When the rotary switch is turned to the left, one of the two on-road profiles can be activated: Onroad or Snow. When the switch is turned to the right, the two off-road modes are available: Offroad (automatic setting of off-road parameters) or Offroad Individual (variable settings. 4MOTION Active Control adapts all relevant assistance systems to the driving situation in seconds.

    Extremely well equipped - Tiguan Allspace opens up a new SUV sub- segment

    Features expanded.
    The second generation of the Tiguan is one of the safest, most comfortable and most versatile SUVs in its segment. In Germany, the all-round vehicle has occupied first place in its class for years. Throughout Europe it has established itself in the top five. Volkswagen intends to consolidate these positions with the new Tiguan Allspace and continue to expand in Europe. With its extra-long wheelbase and interior space as well as its extended standard features, the new SUV aspires to ascend to the top of the class. The extensions of the Trendline, Comfortline and Highline equipment lines in detail:

    Tiguan Allspace Trendline.
    Entry level? Base model? Neither, really. The new Tiguan Allspace Trendline is entry level only in terms of price. It offers so much more in terms of features. Regardless of this, the entire series offers all Tiguan Trendline models - including those with a normal wheelbase - extras such as air conditioning, leather steering wheel, LED tail lights, automatic anti-dazzle interior mirror, rain sensor, proactive occupant protection system, Automatic Post-Collision Braking System, Lane Assist, the area monitoring system Front Assist with City Emergency Braking function and Pedestrian Monitoring as well as the Composition Touch Infotainment system. In Germany, 17-inch alloy wheels and the Composition Colour Infotainment system can also be added. Volkswagen has even improved upon this already high level in the Tiguan Trendline Allspace, which also has the following features:

    • Connectivity package (phone and USB interfaces)
    • Overhead console (large version)
    • Roof rails in black
    • Remote release for the rear seatbacks (second row)
    • Silver front bumper
    • Composition Colour infotainment system with eight loud speakers for all markets
    • LED daytime running lights
    • 17-inch alloy wheels for all markets
    • Multifunction steering wheel
    • Torch (rechargeable, integrated in the luggage compartment)
    • Chrome trapezoidal panels for tail pipes of the exhaust system
    • Front underbody protection in granite grey
    • Variable cargo floor

    Tiguan Allspace Comfortline.
    From the Comfortline equipment line, the "normal" Tiguan (NWB) features, among other items, black roof rails, side sills with chrome trim strips, chrome-ringed side windows, Park Pilot, split and sliding rear seats, folding tables with cup holders on the backs of the front seats, remote seatback release and the Driver Alert System. The new Tiguan Allspace Comfortline offers even more. In addition to featuresof the Tiguan Comfortline (NWB) and new Tiguan Trendline, the Tiguan Allspace Comfortline offers the following features:

    • Silver roof rails
    • Silver diffuser
    • Tailgate opens and closes electrically (opening angle adjustable)
    • Leather-trimmed multifunction steering wheel and gear lever grip

    Tiguan Allspace Highline.
    The top-of-the-range model in the programmeis the Tiguan Allspace Highline. Again, the features have been expanded compared to the classic Tiguan (NWB). In the classic Tiguan, the Highline equipment line features (above and beyond Comfortline) already include 18-inch alloy wheels, a silver front spoiler, silver roof rails, base version full LED headlights, full-LED tail lights (extended LED functions with distinctive switching change between tail light and brake light signatures), ambient lighting, leather multifunction steering wheel and gear lever grip as well as adaptive chassis control (DCC).Also on board in Germany: Adaptive Cruise Control (ACCand Air Care Climatronic.As an extension of these parameters, the Tiguan Allspace Highline also features the following details as standard:

    • Air Care Climatronic with three zones (front left, front right, rear) for all markets
    • Keyless Access (keyless locking and starting system)
    • Easy Open/Close for the tailgate
    • Full-LED headlights with advanced LED functions (full-LED headlights with LED cornering lights, dynamic cornering lights and individual signature LED daytime running lights

    Digitalised, automated, connected - Tiguan Allspace delivers high-tech features

    SUV fits in perfectly with the new Volkswagen brand strategy.
    The new Tiguan Allspace reflects the new Volkswagen brand strategy "We make the future real" par excellence. Among other things, this strategy is defined by the following areas of innovation: Connected Community, Automated Driving and Intuitive Usability.

    Connected Community.
    AllTiguan Allspace models equipped with a navigation system also come with the online information and services "Guide & Inform" and "Security & Service.The optional App Connect also connects the Infotainment system with all popular smartphones via Mirror Link™ (Android), CarPlay™ (Apple)and Android Auto™ (Google).

    Automated Driving.
    The Tiguan Allspace already offers driving functions today, some of which are partially automated, that significantly improve convenience and safety with their innovative driver assistance systems. The assistance systems in the series at a glance:

    • ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control)
    • Area View (ambient monitoring by fusion of cameras)
    • Emergency Assist (automatic system to stop the carif the driver is incapacitated, e.g. due to illness)
    • Front Assist, including City EmergencyBraking and pedestrian monitoring (ambient traffic monitoring system)
    • Lane Assist (lane keeping system)
    • Light Assist (automatic main beam control)
    • Driver Alert System
    • Park Assist (park steering assistant)
    • Park Pilot (parking assistance)
    • Proactive occupant protection system
    • Rear View (rear view camera)
    • Side Assist (lane change assistant)
    • Traffic Jam Assist (fusion of Lane Assist and ACC for automated driving in stop-and-go traffic)
    • Trailer Assist (partially automated manoeuvring with trailer)
    • Dynamic Road Sign Display

    Intuitive Usability.
    Numerous digital display and control elements are available for the new Tiguan Allspace. These include the Active Info Display (digital instruments) and a head-up display. A new generation of Infotainment systems is also being launched to coincide with the premiere of the Tiguan Allspace. For the first time in this segment, the top-of-the- range Discover Pro system with its 9.2-inch display offers gesture control. Another innovation: a configurable home screen. Moreover, the new Infotainment system has no conventional buttons whatsoever; instead, it is operate dusing a tablet-like glass surface whose appearance blends in perfectly with the design of the Active Info Display.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: The new Tiguan Allspace - The European premiere started by stuart View original post
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