View Full Version : driveshaft bolts crossthreaded :\

04-06-2010, 07:56 PM
hi, had the gearbox changed the other day, went to pull off yesterday and heared a massive bang.. drive shaft came off and smashed and bent the gear linkage.. took it back to garage and they put the driveshaft back on but have crossthreaded the bolts into the gearbox... does this mean another new gearbox or is there a way to rethread?:1zhelp: any info would be hugely appreciated.. many thanks ash :biglaugh:

04-06-2010, 08:05 PM
welcome to the forum. that sounds like a bit of a calamity that happened there. i would imagine the thread got stripped as the bolts pulled out as the shaft fell off, rather than actually crossthreading them putting it back together. i presume we are talking about a golf here, or a polo. i would say that you are maybe going to need a new output flange , but its very hard to say without looking at it. you do however need to check the gearbox casing for cracks. i have seen this happen and leave a hole in the box i could get my hand in. also, you would be best putting this in the relevant section under vw (presuming its a vw), so we know what car you have (or van ).