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30-04-2010, 07:56 AM
I'm currently looking to replace my Bora highline with a Passat CC TDI, i think its the best looking car in the VW line up at the minute and much nicer than the Scirocco that i thought i would get.

. I know roughly what i want, candy white, 6 speed manual Gearbox, leather and I think the 170 engine will suite me.

But what i want to know what are the options that are worth having on these cars, and what isn't worth the money?

I know this will be subjective as everyone has different views but any advice would be welcome.

Also are there any known problems that i should be looking for? I will most likely be picking up a 2nd hand one.



30-04-2010, 08:45 AM
You can see my CC's spec.from my sig.

Went for the GT because the upgrade was good value for the bits I really wanted (front fogs, rear tints, NCO walnut inserts and the ACC which I wanted to try), wasn't bothered about the 18" wheels nice as they are.

Would have been happy with cloth seats but SWMBO was keen enough on the leather/alcantara to pay half the cost!

Cruise is well worth the money for the more relaxing drive and keeping speed in check.

Electric folding mirrors because this is a wide vehicle and I've used them to get through tight openings.

Park sensors have long been a must for me and the Park Assist makes parallel parking a breeze. It can get the car into tighter spots than I would attempt in one go. You just can't rush it when its sizing up spaces but once its decided and the driver accepts it turns the wheel more rapidly, smoothly & confidently than most humans could.

The jury is out on Tyre Pressure Monitoring but its so cheap in the overall picture of things that I wouldn't forgo it. Had it on my B6 too.

You'll have to go for the GT to get the 170 engine.

I wouldn't pay for:-

Anything to do with lights, interior or exterior. I have upgraded my halogens (see separate thread) for less than 50. Bosch Purelight in the dips and Osram Nightbreakers in the mains.

Keyless entry. SWMBO got this on her Qashqai as part of top spec. Its convenient but I can easily live without it & I like the Passat's push-in key.

Panoramic sunroof. It might look panoramic from the outside but its a relative keyhole viewed from the inside. I fail to see the point of opening sunroofs in air conditioned cars. To my mind a panoramic roof is a big fixed sheet of glass that lets lots of light into the interior, like Peugeot and Nissan use.

SatNav. Much prefer a TomTom or similar. Cheaper but very effective, easily transferred between vehicles (we use Brodit ProClips in our cars). Can update and program it indoors.

Looking back, would I change spec.? Absolutely not! BTW don't dismiss the 140. The CR is so much better than its PD predecessor.


30-04-2010, 01:01 PM
I agree pretty much with previous reply. I have CC GT 170 tdi with mocca anthracite paint - lovely flouresence on a sunny day with 2 tone cream & black cloth interior.
I love the interior look (dash and door have cream inserts as well) but the jury is still out on how easy it will be to keep clean, but so far so good (car a couple of months old). Note you can only get the black interior with white paint.
Get your own Sat nav, stereo is pretty good as standard. Also have parking sensors - essential with such a big car and somewhat poor visiblity of extremities. Also cruise - why is this an extra, should be included in GT spec.
In general I am very happy with the car especially its looks, better than previous A4, but I have already noticed a clicking noise when pulling off with lots of lock which I can only put down to the CV joint prob listed in previous threads

30-04-2010, 02:40 PM
Also cruise - why is this an extra, should be included in GT spec.

Cruise is now standard on GT spec, as is sat nav, bluetooth and five seats.

I'd go for cruise and parking sensors at least, although both could be retro fitted.

I'd also go for reflex silver colour, or any other bright colour, far easier to sell on when it's time for it to go, but very much a personal choice.

Apart from that I agree with gamichea.

04-05-2010, 03:41 PM
I'd go for cruise and parking sensors at least, although both could be retro fitted.

GT pack - or if you can get the R-Line due out soon

Parking assist about 100 more than just the sensors and it really really works !

I went for DAB option on the RCD510 radio as I listen to 5 Live, however not sure they took it out when the put the RDS310 in.

Folding Mirrors

Rear Airbags - you never know


The VW bluetooth works with nothing - better to get the fiscon from either http://www.satnavsystems.com/index.html or http://www.vwcruise.com/index.html it works like it should on the steering wheel and screen.


06-05-2010, 08:22 AM
Thank you everyone for the replies.

It seems as though parkin sensors, folding mirrors and cruise control are the options to have.

I was thinking about the bluetooth as i hate having my cheap aftermarket handsfree in the car, but i will take your advice and go for one of the other kits available.

i didn't realise that the black interior was only aavailable on the white cars as i have been looking at some of the other colours and other than the white i also like the silver leaf, iron grey and black.

I guess i need to go and find my CC now.



22-05-2010, 09:22 AM
I have the built in premium bluetoot hands free thing. It's fabulous as I have a compatible phone (nikia E61i) the key pad for the phone comes out of the dash which looks very si-fi and best of all if you get a text whilst driving it comes up on the MFD so you can read it whilst driving (lethal though)