View Full Version : New CC owner... BT Prem query..

13-03-2010, 10:57 PM
Hi guys

I am now a CC owners after having it delivered last week, and am really pleased with it - can't help smiling....

I have the premium BT phone kit fitted and having some problems when it comes to connecting to mine and (more of a problem) with my financees...

I can get my SE X1i WM6.5 to connect no problems - altho on the phone it say that there is no signal, but on the car it's full!? My fiancee's on the other hand (Samsung Tocco lite) is different. I have had paired once so far and it seemed to operate altho didn't find the address book - it has a remote sim mode, which I activated, and it connected ok.. But everytime we want to connect it from that day it doesn't and can't find the device!? Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Also if both the cars are in the car and BT activated how does the car choose the one to connect to? I'm just wondering if this is causing the problem?

Cheers H