View Full Version : A3 Sportback will not lock until radio powers off

23-05-2007, 09:43 AM
My 2006 A3 has a Concert radio, which stays powered on when I remove the ignition key and get out of the car. It will remian on for about 30-45 seconds, during which time the doors cannot be locked from the remote key. Annoying when you want to quickly lock and wlak away, as it does seem a long time when you are in a hurry or its raining!

Somehow I've probably accidently re-programmed the radio or ignition, but I can't work out how to reset it so the radio powers off as soon the key is removed from the ignition. I have tied both keys. I don't want to have to manually switch off the radio every time I park the car.

Anyone got any ideas or have had this issue? If not, I guess it should be covered under warranty?

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23-05-2007, 10:01 AM
hi the missus has got the same car im shure you can reset if you have a play with all the buttons if you have a look in the manual im shure its shows you how to change it:beerchug:

23-05-2007, 08:41 PM
Thanks. But unfortunately the manual doesn't cover this condition. The radio actually very briefly switches off immediatley the ignition key is removed, but then powers back on for the 30-45 Secs, during which time you exit the car, shut the door, and wait until it powers off before you can lock the door.

Also, I have tried switching off the radio before removing the ignition, but you still cannot lock the door until the same time period has elapsed. Quirky!

I have tried re-programming the keys, but no joy.

I may try disconnecting the radio to power-reset it, and if that fails, I'll disconnect the battery for an hour or so.

I'll post an update if this works!

26-05-2007, 07:04 PM
Battery disconnection didn't resolve. Please note that when you do this, you have to reprogram the electric window one-touch function, reprogram the keys, and the engine management gives a few dashboard lights until it has re-learnt the ABS etc. Oddly, the radio and clock still remembered their settings, but I only disconnected for 1 min.

08-05-2010, 10:54 AM
I had a defect where the radio would switch off and the doors would unlock whilst driving. It's not the same defect but the radio and the door locks were affected. The ignition key was the replaced with no further problems