View Full Version : EBC Brake Disk Installation Problem

18-01-2010, 09:38 AM
Hi all.

Got a bit of a serious problem with some new EBC brakes Iím trying to fit onto my 1.4TDi (with ABS) Arosa and was wondering if anybody has had the same problem or similar experience?

I bought some new EBC disks and pads some months ago and decided to fit them yesterday. Got to the point where I fitted the disk on the hub but then when I tried to fit the calliper bracket back on, it wonít fit. Also ive noticed that the EBC disk is slightly smaller?

Basically the centre line of the new disk is different but every single website that sells EBC brakes states the disk as being correct? The actual disk needs to be set back around 5-6mm to allow the calliper braked to slide over the disk?

Am I missing something here? The disk is fully butted up to the hub and all the holes align?

I need to get this sorted as Iím going down London on Friday (hopefully). Iím going to ring brakes4u.com where I got them from and ask them but Iím sure they will just say that they are correct

Any advice will be welcome and much appreciated