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09-02-2006, 03:07 AM
As of today i am the proud owner of a golf gt tdi 115bhp , unfortunately it seems to be very slow , not much power as if in a limp mode , the service light is on and the speedo reads 85,000miles , i am informed by the previous owner that it has been serviced but not by a dealer , hence the light still being on and the book not being stamped (she forgot apperently , had a blonde moment)
I must add the car has only done 15,000miles in the last 3 years , used only to potter to the shops and take the kids to school .
Prior to this it was a lease car blasting up and down the motorway doing 20,000 a year with full vwsh.
from researching this site , i'm scared of whats in store!
Is the car is clogged up (Intake manifold ? MAF Sensor)
does it go into limp mode when service light is on and only give reduced power?(i know Mercs do) What do i do , Take it to the *******?(wait for the shock , How Much!) ,
Give it her back tell her the turbo is knackered cuz shes been driving like an old granny and i want my dosh back?
What do i check first , will it show on a diagnostics check, and do i need this done at a dealer?
i would appreciate any help thanks ,
p.s love the car ,
just need to be chucked back in my seat like my mate promised me! :)