View Full Version : Throttle Body Conversion HELP NEEDED!!!

18-12-2009, 08:06 PM
Hello everyone i am new here. I have a 16v throttle body from a mk2 Golf. Unfortunately i cannot give you a registration or which engine code the throttle body came from.

Recently i fitted the 16v throttle body to my 8v scirocco GTXi. I must mention my 8v engine code is DX, year of manufacture is August 87. After fitting the 16v throttle body with a brand new gasket.

I checked over everything before starting the car. The engine turned and immediately the car was revving at 2000 rpm. So naturally i brought down the idle to about 1000 to 950 rpm.

Only to find the idle was not level at all and somewhat erratic. This problem was just not going away. From what i have read in the past you could make the swap and it would work fine.

It seems i have overlooked some important things here. Any one can help me on how i can actually get the 8v switch over to the 16v throttle body. Better still does anyone out there know exactly what i should be doing to get the job done properly:mad::mad::mad:

I have taken the 16v throttle body and put back my 8v after giving it a very good clean. Must admit the car flew after the clean up.

My upgrades so far are 8mm copper core perfomance iginition leads, with Zero resistance or No suppression. K&N panel filter, 6mm drilled airbox sides and bottom. A powerflow exhaust with two powerflow silencers and twin out.

The stainless steel exhaust starts from the end of my downpipe. So anyone who can seriously help i would really appreciate this BIG TIME:1zhelp::1zhelp::1zhelp: