View Full Version : Attention Shark Performance STS unit now supports 1.4TSi and new 2.0TSi

17-12-2009, 11:59 PM
I am pleased to announce that our Self Tuning System now supports the newest generation petrol ECUs as found in the 1.4TSi, 1.8TFSi and 2.0TFSi/TSi amongst others.

Those who have had STS units on pre-order will be contacted today to finalise their orders and arrange the shipping. The great news for those who are looking for a bargain is that the STS is currently available an the amazing price of 399 - which is actually cheaper than having the map done by us at the workshop - a saving of 200 on the combined price!

Place your order before December 31st to take advantage of this crazy offer! I assure you, it will never be repeated!

For more information on the STS unit, see http://www.sharkperformance.co.uk