View Full Version : Please Help Alarm going off all the time

12-12-2009, 07:09 PM
My parents have a 55 plate L&K Tdi which appears to have a possessed alarm system.

It's going off pretty much all the time, even if you deactivate it by pressing the remote twice when you lock it. Wont be able to have it looked at till Monday so was wondering if anyone could help me silencing the bloody thing.

I have found the fuse for the siren, but not one for the indicators. Does anyone know which one it is, the manual is not particularly helpful with that.

Thanks for any help

paul b
13-12-2009, 04:48 PM
Do you have VAG-COM?

I can't help with what fuse you need to look for.

But with VAG-COM you could see what has set the alarm off, i.e. boot, interior monitoring etc. It wouldn't surprise me if the problem is a faulty microswitch somewhere, either on the bonnet, boot for one of the doors.

Does the car have an interior monitoring deactivation button? On my A6 its on the driver's door step. Try turning it off if it's there and leaving the car to it's own devices, just to rule out the possibility of it being a problem with the interior monitoring.