View Full Version : Arosa heater panel illumination

05-12-2009, 01:45 PM
Hello all,
I have lost all illumination for the heater panel on my 2000 Arosa 1.0. It is the older style dash and console and I am struggling to figure out how you get the bulbs out.
I have had the front trim panel off and assume that the bulbs are buried within the control knobs but would appreciate any help or advice before I go and remove parts that don't need removing.
Alternatively, if it is more likely to be a fuse or something, which fuse could it be? The intrument panel lights up as normal.

20-06-2010, 12:28 AM

The bulb is situated behind the center knob.

Pop the front panel off, then the center knob.

carefully use a pair of tweezers or long nosed pliers with a bit of tape on and clamp the bulb and it will pull out.

I'm not sure off hand what exact bulb it needs but once it's out you will be able to see to replace it.

There is only one bulb that illuminates the whole panel. This is a common problem on the arosas.

Hope this helps, if not get in touch and il advise more.