View Full Version : Mk2 1300 Worn Carb?

07-05-2007, 10:22 AM
Hi, Im new to this site and love old style vws and have owned five over the last 15 years.
My present one was rescued via a friend from being scrapped.Its a 1986 1300 2 door in red with 166000 miles on the clock.
After a couple of months of doing bits and pieces on it,(IM NOT A MECHANIC BUT HAVE LEARNT ALOT OVER THE YEARS)I got it on the road on the 5th of May.
She starts first time but a bit rough when cold.After about a mile shes fine but I suspect the pierburg 2e3 carbs showing its age because the throttle responce seems week at low speed. Also its got an initial flat spot from standing start.On the open road she goes quite well considering being off the road for over a year.
Before the MOT I replaced; The pulldown unit- new plugs- new leads- distributor- new cap and rotor arm.The Air filter seems ok and I sprayed carb cleaner down the carb at fast idle. Any ideas?