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18-11-2009, 06:28 PM
I am slowly losing the will to live :1zhelp:

Got a decent passat 1.9tdi GL estate with the 1z engine in

I have sorted minor repairs/fixes, she idles fine and no smoke whether idling or with foot down (but read below)

Now i have all my silicon tubing to redo all the engine bay rubber tubing/piping

Problem is this ....................

I have joined different vw/audi etc foums in search of a definitive vacuum pipe layout for my engine

I have been searching for over a week approx 3hrs a night lol (hence losing will to live !) and only found other (mainly us/canada spec'ed engine layout/pipe pics etc)

Can someone point me to a comprehensive pic/schematic of the 1.9 tdi 1z pipework layout

I have replacing vacuum pipe inside the ecu and put ecu back and then from ecu i just replaced my 1st piece of rubber tubing that goes from ecu to nipple just after the maf (ait flow meter i usually call em or afm for short)

Reason i desperately need diagram/schem/pics/drawing is the turbo seems to die in 4th and 5th gear when trying to overtake or go up a gradiant

Also i found what i assume is a pipe missing from the air filter box to what i think is the N18 (think its N18, it's down by maf just upstream from air filter) (ohh i assume near the ecu on the firewall that's the N75 ?)

Well i put a piece of new tube from air filter box to what i think is the N18 (only thing that had a unused nipple on it)

Just don't want to start cutting new silicon up if the tubing i'm replacing has been messed around and i end up having too short a piece for certain parts

Sorry to waffle on but i'm quickly losing my mind searching and posting and not getting anywhere lol

Any input would be great

Many Thanks


18-11-2009, 07:23 PM
All sorted (i think)

I knew something wasn't right with the vacuum layout when i looked earlier

Seems someone before me had swapped 2 tubes around, mainly the ecu to inlet mainfold (intake pressured) and the Atmospheric pressure (filtered air) to the N75

Took her for a quick run

Besides a few initial slight hesitations she's running fine