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02-02-2006, 11:13 PM
Hi please have a read and see what you think.

I purchased my vento 1995 N reg 1.9 Td (second hand ) back in June 2004.
It had a modification made to the glowplug wiring when i bought it, which was that "i was informed" that then glowplug system had a relay that was faulty so a crude but efective switch was used to activate the glowplugs.

So i set about trying to get the glowplug system working again but just cant work it out, there is a place on the very top of the relay/fuse box where it looks as if a large relay is missing (as explained by the seller) so i got a look at a mates early 1995 1.9Td anf there isnt a relay or even the place for one there so as mine is late 95 one there must have been a change.
I went to my local Vw dealer but they were no help and said there isnt supposed to be a relay there.
"I think they couldnt be bothered to be honest"

There is no power at all to the fusable link unit which is situated just under the expansion bottle, could this be beacase this relay is not present ?

Now the radio has gone off and the brown/red trace wire from the back of the ignition barrel is only live when i put the key on stage 1 and push it firmly inward, could this be either the barrel or the ignition switch unit behind the barrel.

The engine intermittently keeps running for about 30 seconds to a min even with the transponder key removed from the barrel ann taken into the house 15 yards away (this has only happend half a dozen times)

Now your possibly thinking sticky cut off solenoid ?? BUT i had a spare key cut at my local spares shop which isnt a transponder type key just incase i locked the keys in the boot by mistake "yea im that daft" he he. so in theory this spare none transponder shouldnt alow the car to start and run but it does, so im kinda baffled

Knowing the glowplugs hadnt been changed i thought i'd change them and hit another snag, the two behind the fuel pump seem to be blooming impossible to get to, there just doesnt seem to be enough roombehind there (may be a bit easier if i take the injector pipes off).

Well thats my moaning done for tonight, i'll just have to wait n see if anyone has had any probs like this lot.

Cheers for reading n maybe i'll get some replys.

Brucie (Northumberland) :1zhelp: