View Full Version : Please Help misfire and loss of power!

03-11-2009, 10:56 AM
can any one give me advise on my sharan tdi 05 96,000! your help would be much appreciated:1zhelp:,
when driven the car feels like its misfiring and judders when under load, tick over is fine! , but when cruising car seems not to bad it only seems to happen when under load. fault codes read misfire cylinder no1 and faulty injector no1 and air flow sensor. have changed air flow sensor, problem not solved :zx11: , was told to change injector wiring harness, changed and problem still not solved:zx11:, fault codes still come up as misfire cylinder no1 and injector no1, again was told by vw techs that injectors rarely go on this car, change tappets as they are a common fault! had the tappets changed and guess what no change:zx11:, now I have been told that it may well be injectors:zx11:! please help! before I spend more money injectors are not cheap. your advise would be much appreciated:confused:.

03-11-2009, 11:46 AM
It does sound like a failed injector, they do go although it is by no means a common issue. You have been advised correctly about the injector harness and sort of over the tappets as both are common issues but I would not have advised changing the tappets unless they were noisy.