View Full Version : 1999 audi tt Quatro 180 55,000 miles

27-04-2007, 07:17 PM
Hello can anyone help???
Bought my silver audi about 3 years ago. Had nothing but problems....... but would I part with it no! Could have bought top of the range tt brand new for the amount I have paid over the last couple of years..... the computer broke, suspension problems etc etc Now power went on the motorway taken to audi .... 800 to see what the problem is then told the engine and turbo needs replacing and will cost over 7500 to fix. Car only worth around 10,000(obviously when it was still workin!!) any advice please:aargh4:

27-04-2007, 08:31 PM
hi. your goin down the motorway what happened. was there any strange noises, any smoke? grey, blue, white, engine shot?!? is it misfiring or did it take oil, is the car idling ok. the more you can tell me the better.

28-04-2007, 12:43 PM
Hi thanks for the reply Kev,
basically the oil light had come on again but I had put oil in it about two weeks ago and it had been fine. The RAC bloke checked the oil and said no leak level was fine. No smoke, nothing... it was as if someone had pulled a plug and the power went and the car just started slowing down. Thing is dunno whether to buy a 2nd hand engine and get someone to fit it or cut my losses and see if anyone will buy it as it is maybe ask audi as they have it... not prepared to put another 7500 into it and only able to sell it at 10,000.