View Full Version : Water disappearing from radiator.

Gerard Schultz
26-04-2007, 11:59 AM
This is probably the best place to ask this question although mine is not an early Passat, it is an ancient Passat (1986 B32 5 cyl with k-Jetronic)

I rebuilt the engine about 10K (Km not Miles) ago. It started losing water and I am sure it is not leaking from the plumbing anywhere. We have done all the checks for blown / leaking head gasket and it is not going there. The car has been standing for a while to give us time to think.

Now I find that the throttle is very sticky and the problem is with the shaft running down through the butterfly. I pulled out the no 1 cyl fuel injector and it is wet and rusty around the outside. Obviously water is finding it's way into the fuel injection system. Anyone had this before or does anyone have any ideas how this is happening? I do not relish pulling the entire inlet manifold and FI off the engine if the cure involves less work. Even after standing for a week or two, it starts right up and runs smoothly so, hopefully, water has not found its way into the cylinders.

The local VW dealer is no help and has suggested that I might want to investigate investing in a later model. Problem is we cannot tinker with these later models if we do not understand the electronics they come with.