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25-04-2007, 01:09 AM

I am servicing my car a VW Golf 2004 2.0 TDi and am having a nightmare finding the location of filters etc.

I need help on the following and advice would be greatfully received.

1. Replacing a fuel filter - Does it need priming / bleeding and how do you do that ?
I have heard rumours of having to drain water from it is that true and how do you do it ?

2. Replacing pollen filter - where the heck is it ?

3. Replacing a fuel filter - where is it ?

4. Replacing oil - wheres the sump plug ?


25-04-2007, 01:56 AM
Don't you mean 1.9 TDI?
1. I think it's on the left hand side of the engine bay near the water reservoir as you look at it from the front. It will be a canister that looks like an oil filter, and will have a cap on it that holds several inlet/outlet pipes. You won't need to drain water if you are replacing it, and UK fuel is unlikely to ever need to be water drained. It's a PD engine, so no need to prime the fuel filter, but it is easier to fill it with clean diesel before you put the new one in. The car will start sooner as it'll need hardly any priming. No bleeding needed.
2. I think it's under a plastic cover under the left hand side of the windscreen (looking at the car from the front)
3. I said in 1.
4. The sump plug, strangely enough, is on the bottom of the sump.

Make sure you use PD engine oil, new o rings for the fuel filter, and a new washer for the sump plug. The pollen filter has 'direction of air flow' marks, so align in the right way.
There are plenty of guides online so have a look, otherwise get a haynes manual, it's all in there.
Good luck

25-04-2007, 08:15 AM
without wanting to step on Huweth's excellent advice (as always Huw ;) ) try taking a look

HERE (http://www.vwaudiforum.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=7845)

i would re-iterate the point about the o rings and the PD oil.... it is critical you use the correct grade oil. from the sounds of it, you've not serviced your golf before, it may be handy to have a friend who is handy with a spanner to assist, just in case. also, you dont have to prime the fuel filter as such, but remember, it will need a while to fill back up, so the car may refuse to turn over a few times, make sure you prime the filter by turning the ignition on and off a few times. take a look at the above guide though, should answer all your questions ;)