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29-09-2009, 07:15 PM
;)im presently looking for another car ,and iv narrowed it down to a golf ,a3 or a bora -it must b a diesel though.iv got to sell my car im using just now (mr2 turbo ,,very,VERY fast)im pending a speeding fine so its gota b a diesel i get .the thing thats confusing me is i want the car to have the trip computer and air con (most iv seen dont have it )so what model /spec /trimlevel am i looking for ?the highline seems to have it but the cars that iv been looking at have been gttdi's!im a bit confused about different specs and just to confuse matters ,some of them have c/c, 5-6 speed gearboxes and varying levels of trim (interior)there is so many options ..anyway hello :Dil b having a look aroundand gen annoying people:D:D