View Full Version : A3 2.0T Longlife Service? Dirty oil....

19-04-2007, 11:57 AM
Hoping someone can provide assistance here.

We had our 2006 2.0T serviced yesterday, a long life even though it's only done 9k miles - fair enough it only does short trips.

Problem I have is the oil change in the service book has been ticked 'no' but longlife ticked 'yes'

I have checked the oil on the dipstick and it's not the nice colour golden I would expect on a car that's done 5 miles back from the serving dealer.
I rang them and they assured me the oil and filter have been changed, I checked dipstick again and to me it does not look like new oil.

The service guy now tells me long life oil is a darker colour :confused: and the oil has been changed, if it hadn't the ECU would warn on the dash the service hadn't been completed.

I'm struggling to believe this to be honest - I've had a look for a new oil filter but can't even see it! - anyone know where I can see the filter from to check it's new?

Is longlife oil really darker than normal?

Have I been stiched up on a 320 1st service??!!