View Full Version : Question Mk3 Tdi to Mk1 engine swap

12-08-2009, 02:27 PM
After 'we' found out we were having a second baby my wife decided the B*W saloon wouldn't be practical enough and I got cash (which we put towards an Estate) and a mongrel mk1 cabrio project in part ex. and although I've always preferred my cars with RWD this one has grown on me a lot.
It is a W reg that has had a 1600 caddy diesel engine and 4 speed box fitted - now for the past 4 months I've only needed the car for local trips and the low gearing and general lack of 'puff' have not been a problem BUT I now have to do a 250 mile round trip once a fortnight for work.
Having read about the Mk3 to Mk1 diesel engine swap AND having a mate with an MOT failure '96 Tdi with very low miles could I ask a couple of questions ?

1) Do I need anything else to do the swap that isn't on either the Mk1 or the Mk3 ?

2) Are there any particular problem areas ? Exhaust / Engine Mmgt. system ? Driveshafts ? Engine Mounts ?


12-08-2009, 02:42 PM
One word, “electronics”.

I am just about to do a 75PS VEP TD AAZ conversion on a Caddy diesel as the owner doesn’t want me to put too much electronics in it. Another small issue is the intercooler you will have to fit but there are plenty around for Mk1 1.8T and G60 conversions and that will do nicely. It is what I will be using if I decided to intercooler the AAZ for more power.