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11-08-2009, 04:26 PM
All our re-maps have DMT tuning. This is DUEL MANGMENT TUNING.

This means the power is only there on request. By offering this you get the best of both worlds. The car will read for the stock set of power maps in the ECU, And after 50% loud and 50% Throttle the car will use the re-mapped mapís. Giving you a nice kick of power when its needed. These is the best way to get good power from re-mapping with very good MPG gains too.

So if you have a an A4 PD140 its that power all the time till you ask for more power. Its like a 2 stage system. After the 50% loud or throttle it uses the other DMT maps are you will see 180hp...

The Tuning will also lose any flat spots in the o.e maps so a much smother drive all aound.. Oh and dont worry about the power comming in with big lump.. were not 19 no more its all about getting the perfect drive out of your car.. !

All re-maps offer a full life time warranty and 14 days money back too.
If your still not 100% we offer a try before you buy... All this for £299 for you guy's

Just ask for more info.

Thanks Mike :D