View Full Version : VW Bora TDI Smoke! & Gearbox

13-04-2007, 08:28 AM
Hope this helps if you have a similar problem:Blush: : Last week overtaking in 2nd gear the engine lost power followed by thick black smoke out of the back. This was quickly followed by an emmissions warning light leaving me with about 30bhp and a very slow, but no smoke, car (from a cold start again lots of black smoke until 60 seconds later it lost power again and the smoke cleared). After reading some info on the web I guessed it was the MAF sensor or Turbo (900?) but decided to let my local garage look at it. They fitted a new MAF sensor, Air Filter & re-set the computer for 183:00, now it is 20% better than when I bought it with a very smooth power delivery.

As an addittion to this my clutch went after two weeks of buying it, no resistance and unwilling to engage a gear. Since the Garage I bought it from was 50 miles away I took it too a national (Mr) clutch franchise for a quote and after a test drive they quoted 898 for a clutch and flywheel etc!!!!!.

Eventually it was done under warranty and it turned out to be a 32 slave cyclinder behind the gearbox. I was the told because I have a 6 speed box the gearbox had to come out, on 5 speed box's it is on the top. It took 2 days to fix but is now perfect.

Not a great start to VW ownership but the message is always get a second opinion, taking the first option may prove costly!.