View Full Version : Fault cropped up on my 05 V10 TDi

29-07-2009, 09:32 AM
Hello all,
My 05 plate Phaeton has just started throwing up an intermittent fault. Below is the VAG-COM diganosis

Control Module Part Number: 070 906 016 B
Component and/or Version: V10 5,0L EDCG000AGMª5726
Software Coding: 0000175
Work Shop Code: WSC 01065
1 Fault Found:
18360 - Turbocharger Control Module 1: Defective
P1952 - 000 - - - Intermittent

If this does happen the Turbo fails to spool and the car is sluggish. Pull up, turn it off and back on again and the car is fine. Clearing the fault usualy means the car runs for a couple of days without incident.

I know there was an advisory from VW on the Turbo's for these cars, but trying to get any info out of VW's Customer Services is like dealing with the Spanish inquisition.

Anyone had any experience of this intermittent fault and how they went about getting it resolved.

I'd attribute it to be an electrical blip, rather than mechanical since the car drives fine. As you can imagine, its out of manufaturers warranty, thought I do have Warranty Direct cover

Any advice please?

09-08-2009, 11:13 PM
the v10 use to suffer from turbo control units
these are part of the turbo and its engine out to do
check if your warranty covers this otherwise you will need long arms and deep pockets to pay for it SORRY!

27-08-2009, 01:36 PM
Hi Primey,

I only have the piddly little V6 TDI compared to your continent moving power machine, but I do sympathise with your description of VW's Customer Redirection to another Marque Services. The Spanish Inquisition might even be a tag too kind for them.

I trust you'll get that turbo issue sorted out without much ado.