View Full Version : automatic gearbox manual needed.

21-07-2009, 08:32 AM
Hi to all on site,I am a newby to computors and forums so bear with me if i mess up,Im hoping someone out there can help me with a bit of a headache with my van. I recently bought myself a 1999 transporter 2.4 tdi auto,and guess what? the gearbox is playing up. It flairs or revs up between changes in 3rd and 4th, the quotes im getting are scarey even if i take the box out,Ive built my fair share of race engines in my time so i no how to twirl spanner,ive decided to go in and take a look,i think i no whats wrong with it from probing various auto specialists but i could do with a diagram or manual just to be sure about whats what.Im told the sharan or galaxy is very similar,so if anyone can help with any droplets of info i would be very gratefull, Harry.