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29-06-2009, 10:43 AM
Hi everyone,

Considering a Touareg 3.0 TDI Altitude (or maybe SE) as our next car.

Looking at a few options - leasing a new one (seems to be ~470 a month for a 3.0 SE to lease as a personal customer).

However I've seen the 2.5TDI for quite a bit less - how does this engine compare?

Also, I've seen a nice 08 Altitude with about 5k on the clock for 28500 which seems good, but I'm a bit of a noob to car financing (only ever leased before) - how do people generally finance something like this? PCP? What would monthly repayments be? We generally keep cars for 3 years and then return them... although I guess if we liked it enough we might keep it...