View Full Version : Know a good Automotive Consulting Engineer?

17-06-2009, 04:20 PM
The riciculous cambelt plastic tensioner pulley on my wife's MkIV Golf 1.4 recentley shattered, resulting in a repalcement 2nd hand engine, cost approx 2,000 all up. Original VW service recommendation was to INSPECT cambelt at 60,000 miles and take action accordingly. Because of all the pulley failures (not the belt) VW have subsequenlty introdcuced a new regime of replace cambelt & tensioners at 4 years old, regardless od mileage, (so if a pensioner driver, clocking up only 2,000 miles a year, they have to replace the cambelt at onlly 8,000 miles) which is an admission of failing plastic pulleys if ever I heard one. VW haven't even replaced the dangerous plastic pulley witha traditional metal one, which is obscene! I am pursuing VW through the small claims court, plus the VW garage in Bristol who failed to apply the new service regime when it went in for its 4 year old service.

My mechanic has replaced another MkIV Golf 1.4 engine for exactly the same reason and then his wife's Audi suffered the same problem.... !!! So, if you are driving any VAG car right now, you are driving a ticking time bomb if it has plastic tensioner pulleys!

I need an expert witness technical report from a Consulting Engineer familiar with this problem - Ford went through the same a few years ago, along with Opel, so it is a known issue in the industry.

Anyone know a good Engineer or any other ideas to hold VW responsible for mine and a probaly hundreds of other VW Golfs suffereing the same 'known' design fault to date , and may be yours soon....?