View Full Version : Beetle oiling up plugs??

14-06-2009, 07:53 PM
Need a bit of advice for a friends car, The info I have is sketchy to say the least but it may ring some bells with some one.
My Mates Mrs got a 2000 Beetle, 2000cc. They took it to their local 'Ted in the shed' with the engine management light on and severe lack of power.
Diagnosis was 2 blocked cylinders!?!? (at least, that is what my mate told me he was told). Rectification was to replace 2 spark plugs at a cost of 60.
Was ok for few weeks but fault retuned, same 2 plugs were replaced again (another 60) and in Teds expert opinion, my mate was told to get rid of the car pronto! Not sure which cylinders are effeted but its the same 2 as last time.
Theyve asked me to have a look but Im no expert on VW's (I work on the other German make Known by its initials)
My mate and his Mrs have reported no smoke out the back which i dont understand but havent witnessed the car as yet.
Any ideas would be appreciated. Cheers, Jon